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Love Never Fails

Never Gives Up

Love Endures

The Miraculous Capability of the Heart. It is infinite - always able to give and produce love with no limits!

No One Ever "Fails" at Love! Please remember that, and be kind to yourself, always. At times, people grow apart and relationships simply just come to an end. When this happens, we here at Love4AllSeasons say, "Brush it off and try again!" Life is jam packed full of hard lessons, heartbreak and challenges. The lessons learned, how you grow and change as an individual, makes it all worthwhile!

Old fashioned as it may seem, there is "A Someone for Everyone" and you should NEVER give up. We believe that no matter what you may have been through in the past, love it out there!

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Maddie & Chris

March 17, 2017

When Maddie and I met on Love4AllSeasons I never thought she would go on a second date with me! It was one of those dates where things just went haywire! I was late from traffic, I spilled my drink on her by accident, I fumbled my words - I was nervous, she was stunning! But she met me a second time, and a third, and here we are. Maddie is inspirational - she is humble, giving and caring in more ways than I can count. She is charitable, will do anything for a great cause and she moves me to be a better person! Isn't that what love is all about - finding someone who lifts you up and inspires you to do better, be better and love more.

Thank you Love4AllSeasons, with your help I found my best friend, my life partner and my inspiration.

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